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This program provides student the basic knowledge of air conditioning systems, heating systems, and basic refrigeration. Basic electricity, electronic, refrigerant recovery, automobile a/c systems and pneumatic controls are studied. Students who successfully complete the required competencies will have the opportunity to participate in cooperative work experience. Students earn 1 Carnegie unit for each course completed in this cluster.

Program Courses

NCCER Core: Basic construction skills. Construction site safety orientation, communication skills, & employability skills

NCCER Level 1: Trade mathematics & basic electricity. Introduction to heating, cooling, & air distribution. Basic copper & plastic piping, soldering 7 brazing, & carbon steel piping.

NCCER Level 2: Alternating current containing transformers & power distribution. Compressor installation, service & repair. Refrigerants & lubricants. Leak detection, evacuation, recovery, & charging. Metering devices & heat pumps. Inspection & maintenance of various systems.

NCCER Level 2 cont’d: Chimneys, vents, & flues. Sheet metal duct systems. Fiberglass & flexible duct systems. Commercial airside systems. Air quality & hydronic systems.


Job Opportunities

HVAC & Refrigeration
$24.32/hr. -- $50,590/yr
Work on heating, ventilation, cooling & refrigeration systems.

Sheet Metal
– $24.70/hr -- $51,370/yr
Fabricate or install products that are made from thin metal sheets.

$27.36/hr. -- $56,900/yr
Install, maintain, & repair electrical power, lighting, & control systems.

$31.42/hr. -- $65,360/yr
Assemble, install, & maintain large vessels that hold liquids & gases.

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